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QIP Accredited Practice

What is QIP Accreditation?
The QIP Private Dental Practice Accreditation program is a ​voluntary, profession-led program developed by  Australian Dental Association (ADA) and Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) that aims to promote continuous quality improvement, implementation of best practice systems and processes and enhancing consumer confidence. The program is assessed against the six National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards, applicable to dentistry

QIP - DEN Accredited Symbol - PNG.png
What this means for you

​Private Dental Practice Accreditation reassures patients and consumers that dental practices are adhering to industry regulations and guidelines and they are committed to quality improvement, patient safety and quality care. By attending an accredited dental practice you can be rest assured that all of our staff have been appropriately trained and are following strict guidelines which allows us to deliver the highest quality patient care.

What this means for us
We are committed to ongoing improvement of the policies and procedures that govern our dental practice, in order to provide assurance to patients, staff, colleagues and peers that we are committed to quality, safety and excellence across all standards. We take pride in our clinic and our work, and accreditation is just another stepping stone to achieve our mission for excellence.
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